A Brief History of the Seybolds

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John W. Seybold
March 8, 1916-March 14, 2004

In Memoriam To our loving husband and Father
Jonathan Seybold
Patricia B. Seybold
Andrew M. Seybold

       In the mid-1960s, John Seybold founded ROCAPPI to research and then produce typesetting output using a mainframe computer (RCA 301). This was the first such venture in which computers and typesetting were brought together. ROCAPPI was later sold to Lehigh Press in New Jersey, and in 1971 John left and formed Seybold Publications and Seybold Consulting to provide information and consulting services to the then fledgling industry of computerized typesetting.

       In 1985, John decided it was time to retire and the family business was divided among John's three children— Jonathan, Andrew, and Patricia —who went on to establish their own highly-successful companies. Jonathan focused on the publishing and desktop publishing industries, Patricia specialized in office automation, and Andrew concentrated on desktop computing.

       Today, Jonathan is involved in several start-up ventures, Patricia has grown her consulting and publishing business to include e-commerce, the Internet, and collaborative computing, and Andrew's focus has migrated from the desktop to connectivity, mobile computing, and wireless communications.

       Now you know a little about the Seybold family. To learn more about each of the Seybold's current activities, please click on their pictures.

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