Andrew M. Seybold

       Andrew Seybold is a pioneer of mobile computing and wireless data. He was wireless when most people were still dreaming about it. His vision and keen sense have made him one of the most sought after consultants in the industry. When you ask people in wireless, you will get a variety of responses: He's a wireless Guru; he's a visionary; he's an opinionated pain in the neck; he's a troublemaker. Whatever the response, he will always tell it like it is, and that has made him a respected "presence" in the industry.

       Mr. Seybold is co-founder and board member of the Personal Computing and Communications Association, which is dedicated to promoting interoperability among wireless standards and products. He currently heads the Andrew Seybold Group, LLC, a highly regarded consulting firm specializing in the connected mobility space where mobile computing and advanced communications technology meet. Mr. Seybold's clients are among the top leading-edge companies in wireless. He is president of Andrew Seybold's Outlook 4Mobility, a parent company that produces electronic weekly news and commentary, the Wireless Data University tutorial (in its tenth year) and the prestigious Andrew Seybold's Wireless Dinner (in its sixteenth year), both of which are held in conjunction with Cellular Telecommunications & Internet Association (CTIA) shows. He is also a partner in a newly formed company called "The Wireless Experience" - the first source dedicated exclusively to Total Sales Training for leading companies in the industry.

       Prior to August 2003, Mr. Seybold published an investors' newsletter in conjunction with Forbes. In the eight years prior to the launch of this newsletter, he published Andrew Seybold's Outlook, a monthly publication covering mobile computing and communications from an end-user's perspective. He has written several books, and currently contributes monthly columns to a variety of trade magazines. As a result, Mr. Seybold is highly sought after as a featured speaker and panelist.

       In 2000 Mr. Seybold was elected a Fellow in the Radio Club of America. He has been a licensed amateur radio operator for more than 45 years. He is a commercial member of the Associated Public-Safety Officers Association and recently co-founded the Parallel Spectrum Management Task Force, an organization formed to work with the Federal Government on the allocation of additional spectrum.

       Mr. Seybold holds a BSEE degree from Northwest University and received his hands-on training in wireless while working for RCA Mobile Communications, GE MRD and Motorola, respectively. He also worked at Biocom and Pioneer Medical developing the first paramedic radios.

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